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April 7, 2017 aureliaweb

I recently had the opportunity to see John Kearon. He and I were on a city-walk. Before we started, he mentionedI that his Apps can be downloaded in four (4) languages–Spanish, German, Chinese, and Russian.

Last year John and I shared a seat on a train. It was the first time I had spoken with him. As an icebreaker, I asked him what he did, and he said he developed Apps. He showed me the first App, PlanARoute,  which allows you to plot on a map your pictures and route. The second one, RouteMyPhotos will plot all the photos in an iOS Album. The two Apps are currently selling at the Apple store. I asked him to send me more information on these so that I can share them with our followers. Below is the information he provided about these two useful Apps.

“If you like exploring places and would like a tool that will help you navigate among those places then consider downloading PlanARoute from the Apple App Store. PlanARoute enables you to plot on a map a multi-stop journey with numerous locations and generate a path with directions and distances between these locations. Then when you are are on your journey, you can use it to navigate between those various locations.


As an example on how to use PlanARoute an example route is included. This example is a tour of Central Park. The example route has multi-stops including the Gapstow Bridge, The Mall, Bethesda Terrace, Cherry Hill and Strawberry Fields. You can create and save as many routes as you want. Use PlanARoute to store the many places you have explored, so that you can revisit them again in the future. You can also recreate a journey you took, using any photos you took on that journey using your iPhone or iPad. As long as your photos have geolocation data (latitude/longitude) PlanARoute will plot those photos on a map, and generate the walking, cycling, driving or point-to-point directions required to connect those photo locations. This enables you to recreate a journey using just your photos.


If you want a fast way to simply plot the exact location of your photos and generate a rough path with distances between these photos then consider downloading RouteMyPhotos from the Apple App Store. RouteMyPhotos will plot all the photos in an iOS Album or Moment on a map using a single click and generate a path with distances between these photos. Use this to quickly recreate a journey with a rough estimate of the distance covered and route taken.PlanARoute and RouteMyPhotos work on a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. 

View PlanARoute in the Apple App Store.

View RouteMyPhotos in the Apple App Store.”

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