What happened to Wm. Seward’s sculpture in Madison Square Park?

November 21, 2019 aureliaweb 2 comments

(written on 11/23/19)

William Seward’s sculpture is now on the ground and in plexiglass. On Friday, I was back at Madison Square Park to see what happened to it.

The stone where the sculpture sat was sitting on boards, no longer on the ground. There was fencing all around it separating it from people touching it. Below are a couple of pictures of the stand.

William Seward’s sculpture was encased in a plexiglass box. Each side of the box had information on the sculptor, Randolph Rogers, information on Seward’s life and a request from the 1936’s requesting that the pedestal be restored. There is also information on the rumor of this sculpture.

I will continue to go back to check what is happening to William Seward at Madison Square Park.

(written on 11/18/19)—It was early on Monday morning when I exited from the N train near Madison Square Park. I looked towards the park and the corner of 23rd Street and William Seward was not there. A big crane’s hook and people working on Seward’s stand were hammering. Where was Seward’s sculpture? I saw a flyer by the fence and read it, and I thought the sculpture had been taken away. I walked around the fence barrier and lo and behold, there was Seward on the grass. He was at eye level. I began to take pictures of this once in a life time opportunity to view this sculpture at ground level.

The sculpture is going to be cleaned and repaired. Can you imagine being on a stand for 143 years taking the pounding of rain and snow. The birds sitting on your shoulders and lap and messing things up. The restoration will allow this sculpture to be around for another 100 years.

Do you want to see what I saw on this day? I took a number of pictures of the activity at Madison Square Park.

I’ll keep you posted on the events at Madison Square Park and William Seward’s statue.

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