What is a curiosity tutor?

December 14, 2016 Aurelia

Curiosity Tutor

While walking in the Bronx, I noticed this large sculpture at a community garden. I thought how appropriate for our first blog.  It was like seeing myself investigating neighborhoods.
A couple of months later I received an e-mail from Slideshare.net with a slide presentation titled “20 Jobs of the Future” by Sparks & Honey. Their description of one of the future job was: “ Curiosity Tutor: A personal advisor in flaenuring: an advisor that not only provides inspiration and content to spark curiosity but one that teaches the art of discovery”.1
I had never heard of “flaenuring” so I began my investigation of this new term. Cyborganthropology had it as, “A flâneur is a person who walks the city in order to experience it.”2
Special Places to See Productions would love for you to join us as curiosity tutors, explorers, and discoverers of your neighborhood, town, state, nation. We love to explore and discover new places, sculptures, art and so much more. We hope to tell  stories of some of the interesting museums, sculptures or murals. We will have videos and pictures for you to view and we will have listings of many of the great sites in your neighborhoods.
We launched with New York City and neighboring areas. As we continue to explore, we would love for you to participate in telling us your stories of some of the places that you have discovered or re-explored.
We traveled throughout New York state, and we are excited to take you to new areas of the state and other states. We visited Myrtle Beach where we discovered the Brookgreen Gardens and Old Lyme, Ct. where we visited a house/museum where impressionist painted on the doors and chimney; it is the Florence Griswold Museum. I hope you will enjoy these new places and that you will visit some of them soon.
We also saw the closing of some museums during the past years. Our goal is for more people to explore these jewels in your areas before they close their doors. Once they are gone, a piece of our history is gone forever.
Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to meet some of you as we explore more interesting places throughout the United States.
We have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for all to visit to get even more information about things that are happening. When we learn about different events, such as a competition at a historical site or an organization trying to save a site, we publish this on our social media.
Special Places to See is also looking at different Apps that will make your travels more enjoyable. We will write about them for you to check them out.
Again, hope to see more and more of you on our website and social media sites.
Please join us as curiosity tutors as we Explore America’s hidden jewels. Happy trails to all and may we meet soon. Until next time…


2. http://cyborganthropology.com/Flaneuring